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Real Consulting Services (RCS)

Connecting, Contributing, Delivering to the Retail Financial Services IT space

RCS, established in 2003, provide skilled people and business & IT services directly to retail financial institutions and to retail financial services IT providers.   

Initially established to provide skilled IT contractors/consultants to financial organisations in the UK RCS have gone from strength to strength by operating under a straight forward business model and by maximizing their key strength; an ever growing global network of experts, currently over 500 individuals, who have the skills, experience and ability to analyse, plan, implement, support and successfully deliver IT projects in the retail financial services space.  RCS is happy to provide just one member of the team or is capable of sourcing the entire project team, whatever the client requires.

Today, in addition to providing people, RCS offer a broad range of retail financial services related IT services including offshore & nearshore development capabilities, regulation, risk & compliance capabilities and business services including research and information services (under the Real Contributor brand), business development programmes (under the Get to Market brand), marketing & communication services and supplier sourcing, contracting & governance services.

RCS have significant experience of working successfully in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and US markets with extensive knowledge of, and strong connections in, emerging markets. 

RCS connect with and proactively contribute to deliver results to their clients.

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