REAL CONTRIBUTOR is a research and information service provided by RCS focused on the Retail Banking IT space. 


The Real Contributor library includes articles, whitepapers and other research materials relating to the retail banking IT industry. In general the Real Contributor information services are provided free of charge if you are within the RCS network and are therefore registered with us.

If you are looking for information on specific areas within the Retail Banking IT space then please contact us and we will endeavor to help.


In addition to the Real Contributor library RCS is able to undertake specific research projects tailored to your requirements.  We have extensive experience of both desk/secondary and online research projects.  Again we are particularly strong in the retail banking IT space but additionally in the broader IT and Financial Services space.

If you wish to discuss your market research needs please contact us.


If you have any questions with regards to the Retail Banking IT space RCS will endeavor to help and respond quickly.  In general the Real Contributor Ask the RCS Expert service is provided free of charge if you are within the RCS network and are therefore registered with us. Just send us your question via our contact us page.


What sets RCS apart from other providers is that we are not only able to find the required information but as we have all worked in the IT and Financial Services sectors for many, many years we understand the data and are therefore clearly able to articulate our findings to the client and ensure the most pertinent parts of the research are highlighted.


Conquering Complexity White Paper (2.7MB)

Implications to Retail Core Banking Systems for Adhering to CCA3 and CCD White Paper

UK Banks and their Loan Information Problem White Paper

Socially Useful Banking

Transforming Financial Behaviour


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